5 Signs Armenia is Losing in Nagoro Karabagh

The conflict in occupied Nagoro Karabagh is heating up each and everyday. With Azerbaijani President Mr Ilham Aliyev vowing he will not pull out until the Armenian occupiers present a withdrawal schedule, there is no sign of the conflict ending any time soon.

Although the never ending stream of Armenian propaganda found on social media may suggest otherwise, there are five clear signs things are looking bleak for the occupying Armenians:

1. They’re ready for a ceasefire

On October 2nd 2020 – Armenian’s foreign ministry said it “stands ready to engage” with France, Russia and the USA on halting fighting.

2. Azerbaijan’s President Aliyev says there is no end to fighting until Armenia sets pullout timetable

Mr Aliyev demanded that Armenia set a timetable for withdrawing from Karabagh and surrounding Azeri territories. He has said there will be no end to the fighting until this is achieved.

3. Targeting civilians in Azeri cities

Armenian forces have been firing rockets into Azerbaijan while fleeing their positions under Azeri fire. Ganja (or Gence in Azeri/Turkish) is Azerbaijan’s second largest city and was the latest city to have been targeted injuring several citizens and destroying homes.

4. Asking the European Court of Human Rights to take action of Turkey’s role in the conflict

Armenia’s desperate attempts to stop Turkey’s support to Azerbaijan have escalated, with Armenia asking the ECHR to take action on Sunday 4th October 2020, by suggesting interim measures be taken against Turkey for their involvement.

5. Referring to retreating as a ‘tactical plan to kill Azeri troops’

This has to be the most tell-telling sign of all. Armenian media is trying to disguise their retreating as a ‘tactical plan kill Azeri troops’. Not only is there no evidence of this, the Armenian media hasn’t even taken the liberty to enlighten the world of where this so-called ‘tactical trick’ occurred.



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