Opinion: Canadian hypocrisy could and should be a blessing to Turkey

Canada is no stranger to double standards or hypocrisy, the latest incident of which involves Turkey.

Ottawa’s had decided to suspend the export of drone components to Turkey due to reports that they are being used in the Nagaro Karabagh region, a region which according to the United Nations General Assembly Resolution (62/243) is Azerbaijani territory, a territory which has been occupied by Armenians since the 1990s.

Turkey produces its own drones, which it has been actively using in Iraq and Syria against Kurdish separatists, in Libya against Haftar’s forces, and also domestically in counter-terrorism operations. The Bayraktar 2 which is one of Turkey’s landmark drones is currently exported to countries including Qatar and Ukraine.

Although these drones are domestically made, some components are imported, such as sophisticated drone cameras, which Bayraktar imports from Canada.

Where is the hypocrisy?

Canada supplies drone components to Turkey, who is using these drones in the fight against ISIS, PKK/YPG, illegal governments (in Libya & Nagaro-Karabagh) and other terrorist groups.

Yet Canada also supplies Saudi Arabia, not with drone components, but lethal weapons, weapons which Saudi uses against poverty-stricken Yemen, in a war which Saudi themselves sparked, a war in which over 112,000 people, 12,600 of which civilians have been killed. A war in which over 3 million people have been displaced and 84.701 children have died from starvation.

To put bluntly, the Canadian government opposes selling drone components to a nation using them to fight terrorism and illegal occupations but has no problems with selling weapons to a country which is responsible for the atrocities in Yemen.

Why could and should this hypocrisy be a blessing for Turkey?

This incident should be a valuable lesson to Turkey and Turkish companies, in that 100% domestically produced goods in the only way to avoid such desperate and unjust politics being applied to Turkey.

Turks as a government and as a people are fully aware of the need to end foreign dependency not just in weaponry but in every other way possible – hopefully this incident paves the way for this happening sooner rather than later.



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